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Dash Wood Zwartbles Sheep

Zwartbles (literally meaning ‘black with a white blaze’) are a Dutch breed originating from Friesland in the north of Holland, where they have been kept by daily farmers for over a century. They were first imported into the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s and because of their particular qualities, are groing in popularity.

Zwartbles are a very tall black sheep with excellent conformation, which combined with a long narrow head and wide pelvis make them easy lambers. Zwartbles have many of the characteristics of the Leicester: milky prolific ewes with good body size and fast growth rate. The meat is sweet and lean and favoured by Rick Stein; Hugh Fernley Whittingstall has a flock at River Cottage.

The Dash Wood flocks of pedigree Zwartbles lambs are grass fed and reared by Jane McBean to the highest welfare standards at Home Farm, Duns Tew. Lamb boxes are available for your freezer, cut to your order, with you stock occasionally available to those who wish to start their own flock.

Contact: Jane McBean, Home Farm, Duns Tew, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX25 6JS. Tel: 01869 340553. Mob: 07789 683780. Email:

North Aston Organics

North Aston Organics has been supplying freshly harvested vegetables to the Oxford area since 1997. We grow almost the entire range of vegetables ourselves, in our own fields, so that our customers can experience the pleasures of seasonal eating all the year round. Salads and other leafy crops are harvested on the day of delivery, ensuring they arrive in peak condition, crisp and fresh, and with the maximum possible shelf-life.

North Aston Organics is a Soil Association registered grower of organic vegetables and culinary herbs. Our crops are grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides and are free from chemical residues.

North Aston is just south of Deddington in Oxfordshire, about half way between Oxford and Banbury. Our main vegetable fields overlook the Cherwell Valley, with a market garden sited right at the heart of the the village itself.

North Aston Organics is committed to supplying top quality organic vegetables, fruit and herbs.

You can visit their website here